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Norfolk Pairs 2017

The NCBA Pairs tournament was held on April 2nd at Wortwell the Semi Final was an exciting event with three South Repps teams qualifying plus Reepham.

In the final the Reepham team of Stephen skippered by Matt beat the South Repps team of Mike (from Wortwell playing in place of Ruby who was unwell) skippered by Colin.

Reepham have now won the pairs trophy 6 times out of 7 consecutive years, an unprecedented event in our history.
Congratulations to this super winning combination.

Norfolk Triples

Quarter finals:
Tasburgh A v Sea Palling, South Repps 2 v Kenninghall 1, Roydon 1 v Alburgh, Reepham Robins 1 v Occold 1

Semi Finals :
Occold 1 v Sea Palling and Roydon 1 v South Repps 2

Final : Roydon 1 v Sea Palling

Result: Winners Sea Palling 11 shots
Runners Up Roydon 1 2shots

South Norfolk played host to their annual tournament against the Bury League
On Sunday 2nd October the Waveney League in South Norfolk played host to their annual tournament against the Bury League,
with Waveney emerging victorious 29 points to 19 points. The final score did not really reflect the amount of tight games there had been but the turning point for Waveney was the session immediately after tea when Waveney took 10 of the 12 points.
This is a great tournament instituted quite a few years ago and we look forward to going to Risby next year.
South Norfolk Federation Summer Presentation
On Friday 30th September South Norfolk Federation held their annual Summer Presentation. A great night was had by all with a challenging quiz provided by Clare followed by cheese and biscuits supper.
Kenninghall won both league and cup, Old Buckenham were runners up in the cup and Roydon were runners up in the league.
Norfolk Fours Championship

Sunday 18th September the Norfolk Fours Championship was held at Wortwell.
12 teams entered and after a hard days bowling Southrepps 1, who were group winners, came up against Reepham Robins runners up of the other group and Kenninghall, also group winners came up against Wortwell, the other group runners up.
Robins beat Southrepps 7 – 3 and Wortwell beat Kenninghall 7 – 6.

This meant that, ironically, the two finalists were both group runners up who then met on Mat 1, normally a mat which plays like grease lightning, but on Sunday the tables were turned on everyone and the mat was quite slow, which had caught a lot of people out all day.
The mat was moved to a different place and was still slow. Wortwell struggled to find the length and the vast tournament experience of Reepham Robins carried them through with an outstanding win of 12 – 2.

South Norfolk Federation Winter Presentation Night.

On Friday 27th May The South Norfolk Federation held their winter presentation night.
Over fifty people enjoyed a wonderful buffet co-ordinated by Phyllis and Vanda of Kenninghall with help from other clubs helping to supply some of the food, this was followed by the raffle, then all the presentations were made and the evening was polished off by a disco provided by Brian from Alburgh.

The recipients of the trophies were as follows:
5 a side Knock out Cup - Kenninghall
Waveney League- Kenninghall
County 6’s - Wortwell A
County 8’s - Kenninghall

County League Final

The County League final took place at Wortwell on May 15th 2016.
All the games were very tight and just a shot here or there could have resulted in a very different outcome.
Kenninghall were the winners with Reepham Robins second and Wortwell third.

The individual game results were as follows
Kenninghall 42 shots 9 point v Reepham Robins 40 shots 4 points
Kenninghall 36 shots 9 points v Wortwell 31 shots 4 points
Reepham Robins 36 shots 8 points v Wortwell 32 shots 5 poin

Reepham Robins
NCBA Pairs

The Pairs were held at Wortwell on 3 April 2016
Semi finals results Brockdish - 5 Occold - 3, Reepham Robins - 10 Kenninghall 1 – 6
The final, as usually seems to be the norm nowadays was an absolutely thrilling game with it going down to the last ball with Reepham Robins running out the winners 6 against Brockdish 4.

Reepham Robins
NCBA Triples

On Sunday 7th Feb the triples championship was held at Watlington.
For the second year running it was won by Val, Mike and Mick from Wortwell with Phyllis and Gerald from Kenninghall and Tony from Dilham runners-up.

Winners - Val, Mike and Mick
Runners-Up - Phyllis, Gerald and Tony
NCBA Singles in October
Winner Matt Frost from Reepham Robins
Runner up John Clements from Sea Palling
NCBA Fours in September,
Winners Reepham Robins
Runners up Brockdish
Challenge Cup meeting between South Norfolk Federation Waveney League and the Bury League
At the annual Challenge Cup meeting between South Norfolk Federation Waveney League and the Bury League, the Waveney league emerged the winners after some very tight games
South Norfolk Federation Winter Leagues Presentation Night

On Friday 22nd May the annual South Norfolk Federation Winter Leagues Presentation Night was held at Shelfanger Village Hall.
A sumptuous buffet mainly prepared by Vanda and Phyllis from Kenninghall, with input from several other willing ladies, was enjoyed by all, followed by a large raffle and then the main event of the evening, presentation of the trophies.
Victors for this year were:-

Waveney Knockout Cup - Kenninghall
Waveney League - Kenninghall
County League 6’s - Roydon
County League 8’s - Kenninghall
After this the lights were dimmed and the dance floor was filled with boppers dancing to music from our Resident Musicman Brian from the Alburgh Club
County League Finals
On May 17th the County League finals were held at Wortwell. the qualifiers were Reepham Robins from the Broadland League, Kenninghall from the South Norfolk 8’s and Roydon from the South Norfolk 6’s.
After an afternoon’s hard battling Kenninghall emerged as the victors.
Eastern Counties Championship of Champions

On Sunday 10th May the Eastern Counties Championship of Champions was held at Needham Market.
The overall team winners were Suffolk but Norfolk are very proud to announce that Val, Mike and Mick from Wortwell clinched the
Triples Crown.
The scores were very tight in the triples with three teams on 6 points, therefore it was all down to shots and Norfolk triumphed by just
one shot. Well done.

NCBA Pairs Championship 2015
On Sunday, March 22nd, the NCBA Pairs Championship was held at Wortwell
There were 7 leagues with 5 teams in each league and after much intensive bowling the finalists were Wortwell and Old Buckenham.
After having to play an extra end the winners were Jill and Fred from Old Buckenham who beat Val and Mike from Wortwell by the tiniest margin of about half of an inch!
Winners - Jill and Fred from Old Buckenham
Runners Up - Mike and Val from Wortwell
NCBA Triples Championship 2015
The 2015 Triples Championship was held on Sunday February 8th at Watlington Village Hall.
15 teams took part, they were divided into 3 leagues of 5 with the mat winner and the best runner up going through to the semi final. Both these games were fiercely fought with Tasburgh beating Occold, and Wortwell beating Kenninghall only after an extra end was played.
The absolutely thrilling final had all the spectators enthralled right up until the very last wood.
The jack had been driven right to the end of the carpet with Tasburgh holding two shots which would have levelled the score. Unfortunately the Tasburgh skip, who had last wood, whilst attempting to score another just tipped his opponents wood in, thus giving them the game.
Both teams produced excellent woods and it could have gone either way. What a stunning end to a wonderful day.
Winners Wortwell Mike Bond Val Bond and Mick Fisher
R/up Tasburgh John Joy Marian Ball and Ken Southwood
NCBA Singles championship

The NCBA Singles was held on 26th October at Wortwell
Semi Finals were:
Colin Yarham, South Repps 11 v Fred Bracey, Old Buckenham 4
David Hinkins Sea Palling 8 v Phyllis Sutton Kenninghall 4

The semi finals resulted in another yet another thrilling final for this year with David emerging the winner 6 – 5

Singles Winner David with his 2 trophies
Runner Up Colin with his trophy
David Hinkins Sea Palling & Phyllis Sutton Kenninghall
Colin Yarham, South Repps & Fred Bracey, Old Buckenham
South Norfolk Carpet Bowls Summer Social

On Friday 26th September a Summer Social was held at Alburgh Village Hall to mark the end of South Norfolk Carpet Bowls Association’s summer season.

All the clubs in the summer league were represented at the social evening. A great quiz prepared by Clare Lord was enjoyed by all with the winners being Occold and Old Buckenham coming second. Halfway through the quiz there was a break for presentation of the trophies and a cheese and biscuit supper with a wonderful choice of cheeses. How the ladies of Kenninghall managed to find all the different types of cheeses was a miracle. We were certainly spoilt for choice. Many thanks go to them and to Alburgh for providing the venue and manning the bar.

Winners of the Knockout Cup Old Buckenham
Runners up of the Knockout Cup Garboldisham
The League winners Roydon
NCBA Fours championship

On Sunday September 21st the was held at Wortwell. Despite a low turnout of only 12 teams the day resulted in some very good games.
The final saw Reepham Robins battling it out with a mixed team from Old Buckenham and South Repps. After a very thrilling, evenly matched seven ends the score was 4-4, so a deciding end had to be played with the mixed team emerging eventual winners.
The team players  were Reepham Robins Peter, Doris, Stephen and Matt Frost and the Old Buckenham players were Fred Bracey and Jill Emms, the South Repps players were Maureen Fletcher and Colin Yarham

Festival of Carpet Bowls

1984 saw the first competitive carpet bowls matches played in Norfolk and to celebrate this a Festival was held at Hingham Sports Centre on July 6th.
We had a Fours tournament open to all clubs in Norfolk whether they were members of NCBA or not.

We did not get as much response as hoped but, nevertheless, 20 teams battled it out for a first prize of £100 and a second prize of £50, with Reepham Robins running out the eventual winners with Kenninghall 2 fighting them all the way. It was a thrilling final to watch and the end score of 5 – 4 reflected the very tight play.

We also had target bowls on offer. The ladies winner was Phyllis Sutton and the mens winner was Mick Fisher.
Several ladies made cakes for the refreshments which went down well, resulting in £90 being taken in the kitchen.
Although it was not meant to be a money making enterprise we did manage a profit of £200.
Everyone agreed that the venue was excellent and requested that the tournament be run again next year.

A very tired organiser (Dean) at the end of the day
Reepham Robins
Kenninghall 2
South Norfolk Federation Presentation Night
Friday 23 May saw several clubs from the South Norfolk Federation enjoying their annual presentation night. A wonderful buffet was provided by ladies from Kenninghall and Wortwell, a sixties style disco was given by Brian and the climax of the evening was the presentation of the Winter League Trophies
Wortwell –Waveney League winners
Kenninghall – County League 8’s winners
Old Buckenham – County League 6’s winners
Kenninghall – Knockout Cup winners
Brian working hard!
Di and Roger from Roydon showing everyone how it should be done!
County League Final 2014
This was held at Wortwell on Sunday 18th May, the finalists this year were East Runton, Kenninghall and Old Buckenham
The run of play shifted every session and made for a very exciting, close fought final.
The results were,
Kenninghall 15 points
East Runton 14 points
Old Buckenham 10 points

The trophies were presented by Mike Bond, who together with his wife Val, who was the scorer for the day, had given up a beautiful summer’s day to come to Wortwell. as had Mick Fisher. Grateful thanks are were extended to them all.

Old Buckenham
East Runton
On Sunday April 29th an Invitation Five-a-side tournament was held at Wortwell to raise money for the County Team.
Winners were as follows
Singles Garboldisham
Pairs Brockdish
Triples South Repps
Fours Sea Palling
The best team overall was Wortwell
South Norfolk Federation Presentation Evening
A good time was had by all when the clubs in South Norfolk got together for their annual winter presentation night. The shin dig was held in Shelfanger Village Hall, a fantastic buffet was laid on by the ladies of Kenninghall, a lively sixties disco provided by Brian from Wortwell and the social club bar was open to ensure that everything went along smoothly aided by some alcoholic lubrication! The main event of the evening was the presentation of the trophies for the winter season. Kenninghall had had a most successful season, taking three of the main trophies with Colton taking the fourth. Congratulations to everyone.
5-a-side Knockout Cup – Kenninghall
Waveney League – Kenninghall
County Sixes – Colton
County Eights – Kenninghall
Bopping the night away!
County Leauge Final 2013
On May 19th six teams met at Wortwell to play off the County League Final.
After a very long and tiring day the results were as follows
1st Kenninghall
2nd Colton
3rd Reepham Robins
4th Sea Palling
5th Old Buckenham
6th Debenham
2013 County Leauge Final Winners
English Carpet Bowls Rinks Championship
This was held at Lynnsport, Kings Lynn, Norfolk on April 21st 2013 with 30 teams taking part, coming from as far as Durham and Essex. Although the play was challenging with the carpets laid on an indoor bowling surface eventually six mat winners and two best runners up went through to the knockout rounds. After hard fought quarter and semi finals the two emergent teams were Littleport from Cambridgeshire and Madjac from Essex. An absolute thrilling final ensued with it being all square going into the fifth end and suddenly Madjac surged ahead with 3 shots. Although Littleport fought back valiantly on the seventh end it proved to be too much of a tall order. Both teams had thrilled those who had stayed to watch the final.
The English Referee, David Storey, presented all the trophies. For those of you who are wondering ‘where on earth is Madjac?’ they are a team from Essex made up of two couples from two different clubs who play together in lots of tournaments and their name comes from a combination of their initials.
Finalists 2013
Winners with English Referee Dave Storey, Chris Clark, Maxine Poulter, Joan Clark, Don Poulter
Runners up from Littleport - Colin Wicks, Maureen Giddens, Barry Giddens and David Crance
Semi Finalists from Reepham Robins - Stephen, Matt, Doris and Peter Frost
Semi Finalists from Folksworth - Gill King, Graham Pearson, Bruce Saint, Eugene King
Wortwell Carpet Bowls Club invitation ‘Fives’ tournament - Report
On Sunday April 7th Wortwell Carpet Bowls Club hosted an invitation ‘Fives’ tournament. Twelve teams took part with the format being alternate sessions of singles then fours in the morning. After a break for lunch all the mats were moved into different positions for the pairs and triples sessions.
Originally the competition was a joint effort between Hardwick and Wortwell clubs, but with the demise of Hardwick club, Wortwell decided to continue and how glad we all are. Wortwell club are to be congratulated for their efficient running of this annual competition which is much enjoyed by all those lucky enough to have an invitation.
Winners for 2013
Singles - Dean Clarke (Spockering)
Pairs - Jane Debatista and Ian Lodge (Needham and Wortwell)
Triples - Heather Brown, Christine Spencer and Valerie Roche (South Repps Social)
Fours - Sue Ross, Jean Love, Diane Green and Gill Wilson (Sea Palling and Overstrand)
Best Overall Team – Old Buckenham – Jill Emms, Fred Bracey, Joyce Goodey and Peggy Bertram
NCBA Pairs Championship - Report

Despite the fact that, unfortunately, the Pairs clashed with Mothering Sunday, 25 pairs gathered at Wortwell . These players were divided into 5 leagues of 5, with the 5 mat winners and 3 best runners-up going through to the quarter finals.

Quarter finals

Val and Peggy from Old Buckenham played Stephen and Matthew from Reepham Robins
Rosemary and Colin from Kenninghall played Bill and Margaret from Debenham
Phyllis and Vanda from Kenninghall played Maureen and Val from South Repps Social
Jean and Sue from Sea Palling played Pat and Christine from South Repps Social

Hard fought games then ensued in the quarter and semi finals with the eventual finalists being Stephen and Matthew v Bill and Margaret.

Although Bill and Margaret played for all they were worth, the incentive to retain the trophy seemed to give Stephen and Matthew the edge and they duly emerged the winners.
The trophies were presented by Janet Vincent from Wortwell, who had been our hard working scorer all day.

Reepham Robins will represent Norfolk as our Pairs Champions at the Eastern Counties Championship of Champions at Littleport in May, as will Dilham (Singles), Watlington (Triples) and Kenninghall (Fours). We in the county wish them well.


NCBA Triples Championship - Report

The NCBA Triples Championship  was held on Sunday February 10th at Watlington Village Hall. This was a new venue for NCBA and it was a great hall with excellent facilities, two halls which could take a total of six mats (although we only needed five) and easy to find just off the A10.

There were five groups on each mat with the mat winners and the best three runners up going through to the quarter finals. Two thrilling semi finals, with one of them having to play extra end, saw Weeting beating Welney and Watlington beating Brockdish.
The final was equally thrilling as the semi with, again, the result being decided by an extra end. On quite a lively carpet each end was hard fought with every bowl counting feeling like a small victory in its own right.
On the deciding end again it was nip and tuck and with just the skips to go the jack had been tweaked to a black (Watlington) and, although bowling gallantly, the Weeting skip was unable to move the jack away from the black upon which it was resting. It was a wonderful game to watch and both the teams deserved the heartfelt congratulations they were given.
Joy Stevenson, Chairman of the West Norfolk Carpet Bowls Association, having been asked much early in the day if she would present the prizes, had the delight to be able to present the trophies to her husband, son and their fellow team member. From all of us in NCBA congratulations to the Weeting team of Barbara, Dave and Penny and the Watlington team of Tony, Clinton and Brian.

Amendments to rules agreed at 2012 AGM.

A complete copy of the English National rules for Playing Carpet Bowls can be found on the
English Carpet Bowls Association website.

Rule Amendments

1.8 Delete “not exceed 96mm (3.78ins)”
Insert “be 98mm (3.875ins)”

2.3 Delete rule

4.2 Delete “umpire” and insert “referee”
Delete “when they agree”

6. Insert new rule 6.3
(i) ONLY the Skip or designated player of the team conceding the shot(s) should remove the counting wood(s) from the head. These woods should be placed in a blank area of the carpet to avoid possible confusion later.
(ii) Under no circumstances should members of the team claiming the shot(s) touch or move any wood until after the final score is agreed.

7.1 Add: “or stopping and removing a foul wood” to final paragraph

7.7 Delete rule
8.2 Delete: “declared a dead end and”AGM 2012